About Us

For nearly 30 years, Seas at Risk has championed the cause of the European marine environment and that of seas and oceans around the world. Our vision is that of healthy marine ecosystems whose benefits can be enjoyed now and into the future. Our effective network of member organisations represents millions of EU citizens that care deeply about our seas and oceans.

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About this Campaign

The ‘Our Blue Lung’ campaign puts pressure on EU governments to respect the commitment they made under the EU marine law to deliver clean and healthy seas by 2020.

Seas At Risk and its members have worked tirelessly to ensure that countries respect the marine law since its adoption in 2008. But governments’ lack of ambition and action means that our marine waters are still in a sorry state. We believe that it is not too late for our governments to make our seas and ocean clean and healthy again.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, we will take action at different points in time to remind governments of their commitment, focusing on five important threats to our seas and ocean: overfishing, plastics, noise pollution, intensive farming and chemical pollution.  Join our movement to save #OurBlueLung.

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